Youth Trajectories & Pathways Study

Hive NYC was created in part to support the personal learning ecologies and trajectories of young people by providing experiences that inspire them as they develop a variety personal interests and identities over time. Anecdotal evidence from Hive NYC members indicates that many youth are indeed engaging with the network in productive, coordinated and purposeful ways, but more work needs to be done to systematically document what this participation looks like. For our Youth Trajectories and Pathways Study, we combine data from longitudinal case studies, ethnographic observations and network-wide surveys to construct a “snapshot” of the multifaceted nature of youth experiences within Hive NYC. We tell the story of what young people are doing in the network, what organizations and events they visit and why. In this way, Hive NYC members and other stakeholders may be better informed in terms of how to cultivate and sustain productive patterns of participation within the network.

Guiding question: 
What is the nature of youths’ interest-driven learning trajectories and pathways within Hive NYC?


  • What factors (related to peers, mentors, personal interests and/or network infrastructure) are at play as Hive NYC-connected youth participate (or don’t) in educational, professional and civic opportunities?
  • To what extent are youth pursuing interest-driven learning trajectories and pathways across Hive NYC organizations?
  • How can individual organizations and the Hive NYC network writ large effectively design infrastructure and approaches that support youth to engage in future opportunities to pursue interest-driven learning trajectories and pathways?